We understand that going into hospital can be a daunting experience. Here are some guidelines and information to assist you with your admission process and your stay here at the AAK. We thank you for choosing us to care for you.

Medical Aid Hospital Preauthorisation

It is advised for you to please contact your medical aid to gain important information about your medical aid cover, specifically what you are covered for and if any co-payments are required.

You will require the following information when contacting your medical aid:

  • Your doctor’s practice number and name
  • Your hospital name
  • The date of admission and procedure
  • The details of the surgery you require and the ICD 10 code/s (a description of your diagnosis) and RPL code/s (a description of your procedure). This information will be provided by your doctor or his/her administrative staff.

Your medical aid will provide you with the following information:

  • Whether the procedure is covered or not
  • Any co-payments are due and to whom
  • Your hospital authorisation number (please provide this to your doctor/s and hospital)


We encourage our patients to visit the hospital at least 48hrs prior to scheduled surgery to complete your preadmission.

Here the reception staff will assist you with:

  • Information about our facility
  • Look at your ward preferences (General or Private)
  • Assist you with your medical aid hospital preadmission (please have all the listed information above available)
  • Should you be a private patient, the staff will assist you with the financial information, incl deposits, estimates, etc.

For your convenience, an alternative option is to complete the online form or printable preadmission form and forward this to us at preadmit@aakh.co.za or fax to 031 4923398.

Private Wards

At the AAK we offer the convenience of a limited number of private and luxury rooms available at an additional fee and subject to availability. Please request at reception on admission.

Your Preparation for Surgery

  • Please do not eat or drink anything (including water) for at least six hours (or your doctors requested time) prior to surgery
  • Do not use any jewellery, make up or nail varnish on the day of your surgery
  • Please discuss taking any current medication (including chronic medication) with your doctor, prior to your procedure

A reminder that for all Day patients, please ensure that you have someone to take you home after your procedure. Driving a vehicle after sedation or anaesthesia is not recommended.


Please carry the following essential documents for admission

  • Patient Identification Document or Passport
  • Principal Member of medical aid Identification Document or Passport
  • Your medical aid membership card
  • Pre-authorisation number from your medical aid
  • Any X-Rays, scans or other tests if applicable
  • A signed consent form from your admitting doctor for your procedure
  • Any Chronic Medication in its original packaging

Please carry the following personal items for your stay:

  • Night clothes / Pyjamas
  • Toiletries, including your toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Dressing Gown
  • Towel
  • Earphones for the TV sound connection (this is available for sale at reception)
  • Clothing to change into when discharged

A reminder that your valuables left at the hospital are at your risk and therefore not encouraged to be brought in.

  • Patient Information Brochure
  • Emergency Department Brochure